Universal Insulation Off the Roll

Instant Windows offers an easy and inexpensive way for affected populations to replace broken windows in their homes. Our patent pending, translucent double-layer plastic sheet provides both daylight and insulation against the elements.

The Instant Windows Project’s primary goal is to focus on overcoming the barriers to repair faced by affected populations in crisis situations. It is especially designed to be easily transportable and universally usable. This makes it accessible to people in need even when classic markets fail.

The project focuses on the following four core parameters:

Affordability: The use of low cost materials and production processes make Instant Windows accessible even under severe financial pressure and render them an attractive tool for organisations mandated to support affected populations.

Optimised Logistics: Instant Windows are stored on efficient roles and add the insulating layer of air only once installed. This minimises their volume during transport and storage.

Self-Installation: Instant Windows are developed with great usability being a primary concern. People are empowered to react themselves with a kit that makes do-it-yourself repair an easy process.

Non-permanence: Instant Windows do not require permanent structural changes to buildings but are easily removable if necessary.


on a roll

The application within the field of humanitarian aid presents us with a particular set of requirements for a new product: It needs to be universal, easy to use and install, cost-effective, compact and lightweight for storage and transport.

The core and unique characteristic of Instant Windows is found in the internal mechanism in between the two layers of plastic sheeting. The volume that forms the air pocket for insulation easily folds flat such that it can be stored and shipped on a roll from which almost any size or shape can be cut only using a pair of scissors.

exp setup2-.jpg

rigorous testing

The driving force in the development process was iterative testing in both real-life as well as lab-like environments to ensure the product's technical validity and its suitability for the given context.

final experiment-0548.jpg

Developed with people in mind

Thanks to the universally known zip-loc mechanism, Instant Windows are self-explanatory to install. Once cut to size, they are stuck into place, zipped open to form the air pocket and sealed using strong adhesive tape.